Steven Grant established Slick’s Martial Arts during August 2012. Steven has 20 years of experience in Martial Arts and has dedicated the majority of his life to his passion.

First inspired by Bruce Lee, he enrolled in a Lau Gar course in 1998 attaining a Blue Belt which furthered his interest and passion in Martial Arts. Over the years, Steven went on to learn Kung Fu and Kickboxing as well as attending Martial Arts Summer Courses in the Chris Edgerhill Academy for 3 years. Steven also travelled 3 times a week to train in kickboxing and gained his black belt in kung fu by the age of 12 and his brown belt in kickboxing by the age of 17. 

He was named International Martial Arts Representative for Wales in 2003 and went through many years of training to become a Qualified Weapons Instructor, Qualified Kung Fu Instructor & Qualified Kickboxing Instructor. Steven still attends Martial Arts Courses and visits other clubs throughout the UK & Ireland. Steven is also a member of the WUMA British Squad.

Slicks Martial Arts

Slicks Martial Arts,
25-27 Charles Street,
Milford Haven